Asian capital pours into US biotech startups

Asian investors have put $4.2 billion into US-based private biotech startups this year, which amounts to more than 43% of all venture capital investing in the US biotech sector in 2018, according to PitchBook. This constitutes a jump from 11% in 2016.

Soda project means hands-on science to 5th-graders

Fifth-grade students at an Illinois school recently learned about science and business through a project-based-learning unit in which they created and marketed soft drinks at their own soda pop store. Teacher Jamie McCool, who found the ideas on a lesson-plan sharing site, said the project covers solvents, solutions, volume and density as well as marketing and other business skills.

Dell reportedly takes new look at IPO

Dell Technologies is again considering an initial public offering, sources say. The company, which decided to forgo an IPO earlier this year, is changing its approach after a $21.7 billion offer to buy back tracking stock ran into opposition from activist investor Carl Icahn, Canyon Capital Advisors and Elliott Management.

Meijer to deliver beer, wine from 40 Ohio stores

Meijer has begun expanding its home delivery of beer and wine to 40 stores in Ohio via Meijer Home Delivery and a partnership with Shipt. The retailer has been delivering beer and wine in its home state of Michigan since July 2017.

Experts propose training initiatives, bills to address cybersecurity

Experts have proposed several options to address the skills gap in cybersecurity, suggesting government intervention with programs such as a Cyber ROTC program or Cybersecurity Peace Corps, where students would receive cybersecurity training in exchange for work in the public sector or with nonprofits, respectively. Congress also proposed a bill called the New Collar Jobs Act that would offer student debt relief for those entering the cybersecurity industry.

Report: Digital marketing spend close to $100B globally

Digital marketing investment in the US and UK increased by 44% in 2017 to reach $52 billion, and worldwide spend is nearing an estimated $100 billion, according to Moore Stephens and WARC. The study states that marketing technology spend is increasing as more brands seek in-house solutions and that "this budget is coming from media spend and will have a resounding impact on the value of media-centric agencies," said Moore Stephens' Damian Ryan.

3PLs hold the most large warehouse leases in the US

Third-party logistics providers now hold 33 of the 100 largest warehouse leases in the US, according to CBRE, marking the first time this sector has dominated warehouses that are 417,000 to 2 million square feet. E-commerce companies hold 23 leases for warehouses in this class.

Console gaming continues to thrive

Despite increased access to digital games, console gaming continues to thrive, as evidenced by developer Rockstar's plan to release "Red Dead Redemption 2" for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on Oct. 26. The continued popularity of Nintendo's Switch, which sold 19.7 million units in its first 15 months, also demonstrates interest in console gaming.

FDA orders label update on flea, tick products containing isoxazoline
NBC News

Oral flea and tick preventives containing isoxazoline can cause seizures, ataxia, muscle tremors or other neurological problems, and product labels should be updated, the FDA said. The agency said the products have been carefully reviewed and "continue to be safe and effective for the majority of animals."

FCC Chair: Calif. net neutrality bill is "illegal"

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai criticized California's net neutrality bill passed by the state legislature, but still needs Gov. Jerry Brown's signature, calling it "illegal" and "anti-consumer." "California's micromanagement poses a risk to the rest of the country," Pai said, but the bill's sponsor state Sen. Scott Wiener countered Pai by saying, "California understands exactly what it takes to foster an open innovation economy with a level playing field."

Va. project uses SAM robot for 14 stories of brickwork

Hoar Construction used a semi-automated mason to lay 70% of the bricks used to replace a 14-story brick facade on the Poff Federal Building in Roanoke, Va. The SAM robot laid an average of 3,000 bricks per day -- six times quicker than a human -- helping make the project efficient and safe.

Caesars to cut carbon emissions by 95%

Caesars Entertainment has committed to reduce carbon emissions by 95% of 2011 figures by 2050. Meanwhile, 60% of Caesars' suppliers will set science-based emissions reduction targets by 2023, according to the company.

JetBlue founder planning new airline startup

JetBlue founder David Neeleman is proposing a new venture known as Moxy that he says "will be a technology company that just happens to fly airplanes." Neeleman plans to exclusively use the Airbus' A220 jet, which is focused on passenger comfort even in the least-expensive seats.

Airline industry opposes re-regulation on pricing

A provision in the FAA reauthorization bill would allow the Department of Transportation to police the cost of change fees. If passed, this provision would be one of the most significant checks on airline pricing since the Carter administration and could result in higher ticket prices for consumers. Half of reservation changes are made within 24 hours of scheduled departures, making it hard for airlines to anticipate the effect on their revenue and operations, said John Heimlich, Airlines for America's chief economist.